Surface Preparation and Shop Painting in PEB construction

Surface Preparation and Shop Painting – PEB Metal blast cleans all its steel components to Swedish Standard Sa-2 (regardless blast cleaning is specified or not). And to Sa 2.5 when specified. Blast components are more resistant to rusting than those. That are cleaned manually using solvents or mechanical brushing.

Surface Preparation and Shop Painting

Standard Shop Applied Primer

At PEB-Metal, We use UNI-PRIMER Grey DFT 50 microns of high quality modified epoxy ester Primer with zinc prosphate rust inhibiting by “HEMPL”. This reduces the risk of corrosion of steel by preventing direct contact between the moisture in the air and the surface of the steel.

Multi-Coat paint systems

PEB-Metal can offer Multi-Coat paint system as specified by the consultant or client to specified uniform paint film thickness to all member surfaces.

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